Crystal Coast Skeet Club is a Member Only non-profit club. Dues are $300/annually. New membership dues are pro-rated to a January 1st renewal. Due to the increase in target cost we have had to increase to $5 target fee per "round" for member targets, and $8 per "round" for guests. (a "round" consists of 28 clay targets). The all White targets that are used for our night shoots are $6 per round for members, and $9 per round for guests.

Membership in Crystal Coast Skeet Club happens in two ways, generally by invitation... And by inquiries from those interested in skeet shooting. We are not casual once in a while shooters, but share a passion for the sport and a desire to achieve better shooting through practice and training. We are not able to host NSSA events so we will not be shooting registered targets. Membership is annual. If you relinquish membership you will have to apply for membership again. However reinstated members are not eligible for 'pro-rated' fees.

The Crystal Coast area is growing, and many will be searching for a place to shoot... We welcome you to come out... check us out, tell us about yourself, and apply for membership. There are no other private skeet ranges that I am aware of. Our Member Only Club offers a safe environment with shooters you know and trust.

Membership has its benefits. We get discounted pricing from Briley, Carlson, GRACO, and Grafs for reloading supplies.

Our website offers a substantial amount of training material, as well we are blessed by having a couple competitive shooters as members who provide coaching to remedy your failed shots. Understanding what went wrong is the path to higher scores. Our facility has HIGH QUALITY equipment installed in concrete block buildings. We keep a ample supply of targets on hand and the ablity to shoot 4 rounds for a squad of 5 shooters without reloading the Traps. Our target presentation is as good as you'll find in Olympic events, and our battery powered MEC Traps continue to work even through power failures.