Skeet shooting is a sport much like golf. It has a strong component of social interaction... helping one another and learning more about the game while participating. Whether you ever plan on being a competitor or not, you can work toward the goal of breaking 25 targets each and every time.

Crystal Coast Skeet Club was built to satisfy my desire to revisit the social interaction I enjoyed in my mid 20's. The comradery and the friendships made at the range are as much a part of this Club as breaking clays.

Our normal shooting days are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 11am to 3pm. I encourage shooters to come early as many are only shooting two rounds and that doesn't take much time. We will be starting a three round evening shoot when our lights are up.

Crystal Coast Skeet Club an NRA affiliated club, celebrated it's 9th year of operation in August 2022.

I encourage anyone with an interest in skeet shooting to review the many resoures in Skeet Tips. You will find selected articles and videos that we found to be among the most beneficial available. If you have an interest and want to learn more, you are welcome to come out and watch the members shoot. You must bring a completed Accident Waiver form with you when on the range. We encourage youths to obtain a "Hunter Safety Certificate" from a North Carolina Wildlife Hunter Education Program. Youths may only shoot after obtaining a certificate, or valid hunting license.

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Accident Waiver